About Tufoil
“The World's Most Efficient Lubricant.” Guinness Book of World Records (1996)

Tufoil for Engines:

Tufoil Engine Treatment will keep your car or boat running so efficiently you can literally double the life of your engine. Efficiently running engines use less gas, need fewer repairs, run smoother and quieter and last a very long time. The National Bureau of Standards tested Tufoil Engine Treatment and reported their findings: Tufoil has a surface friction so low, it is the most slippery substance known to man!

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Tufoil for Trucks:

Tufoil Truck Engine Treatment is based on our patented Tufoil technology. Add it to your clean oil during an oil change to make the engine start easier, run cooler, produce more horsepower, and improve gas mileage.

Large diesel trucks are expensive to run and costly to repair. With
Tufoil Truck Engine Treatment engines run efficiently need fewer repairs, use less gas and ultimately last a whole lot longer.

Enjoy the savings of fewer repair bills tomorrow with a little
Tufoil today. Our Truck Engine Treatment is specially packaged in a handy 1.5-liter size container for the heavy-duty engine with a 25-32 quart crankcase capacity.

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Tufoil for Motorcycles:

Tufoil Motorcycle Engine Treatment, is designed for 4-cycle engines, and is compatible with conventional or synthetic motor oils. Tufoil Motorcycle Engine Treatment helps quiet noisy transmissions, significantly reduces friction and wear, yielding increased horsepower, cooler operating temperatures and longer engine life.

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Tufoil for Engines used in the Marine industry:

For over the past 10 years, the shipping industry has been aware of the dramatic effects of Tufoil on their Detroit Diesels. The results have been nothing short of spectacular. In fact, Tufoil can be found in the gearboxes and engines of a major tugboat companies in New York and Boston harbors.

Tufoil is incredibly economical and can extend the life of your engine!. Add just 10% Tufoil to your regular oil in the gearbox and engine, after break-in, and see what a difference it will make. Using Tufoil translates into big dollar savings, not only in the cost of running your engine, but in maintenance and repair bills as well.

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