Tufoil Engine Oil Treatment
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With Tufoil oil additives you will:
• Get better gas mileage
• Increase horsepower
• Cut friction and wear
• Get easier cold starts for
   gas and diesel engines
“The World's Most Efficient Engine Lubricant.” Guinness Book of World Records (1996)
The Tufoil 250,000 Mile Club
Start using Tufoil engine lubricants with every oil change, and you too can become a member of our ever growing 250,000 mile club. Read more about the program
& some of the programs
current members.

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Technology Behind Tufoil
Find out why Tufoil Engine Treatment is really tough oil! Scientifically proven to adhere to engine parts which can help improve gas
mileage, increase
horsepower and
extend your
engines life.
Become a Distributor
Tufoil Engine Treatments are some of the most advanced engine lubricants in the world and we are always looking for new partners to help distribute
our top

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